Panchveer Engineering manufacturing facilities at VATVA GIDC INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, Ahmedabad- INDIA  consists of cutting edge technologies.

Following special purpose machines CNC Thread Mill Center From Imported  for SCREW MANUFACTURING, Fast production time of the critical Twin and Single Screws. Provides precise quality of Screws and much faster delivery.

Repeatability and positioning accuracy  Used for accurate high quality machining of precision components like Pipe Die head and component.

Processing, Manufacturing & Assembly Facilities

Components Manufacturing

  • Pipe Extrusion – Die Heads & Dies
  • Extrusion Screw – Single & Twin
  • Extrusion Barrel – Single & Twin
  • Thrust Gear Box Components
  • Process for  Screw

Equipment Assembly

  • Extruder Assembly – Single & Twin Screw
  • Die Head & Die Assembly – Pipe 
  • Vacuum Tank, Cooling Stream – Pipe & Profile
  • Traction Unit
  • Pipe Cutter unit
  • Tilting Unit 
  • Coilers
  • High Speed Mixer Cooler
  • Thrust Gear Box

Panel manufacturing

In-house Panel Division for manufacturing of:

  • Process & Temperature Control Panel
  • Drive Control panel
  • Automation control panel (HMIs)

Paint Shop

  • Surface preparation 
  • Primer Coat & Finished Coat with Oven Baking

End Product Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Full line Erected, Assembled & wired for testing

Machine Tools & Equipment

Die Component

  • Machining facility
  • Lathe
  • Milling M/c

Polishing: Machine for Die & Screw 

  • CNC Lathe

Extrusion Screw

  • Thread Milling Machine - CNC
  • Inner Grinder Machine 
  • Polishing M/c
  • Hydraulic Press