Auxilliary Equipments

Panchveer Engineering  Pipe Extruder With Auxilliary Equipment Like ,Co Extruder,socketing, Friction Heat Welding Machine ,mixer ,printing Unit For Pvc And Hdpe Pipe  That Improves Product Quality And Process Efficiency.  For Downstream Sizing, Cooling And Haul Off,cuter Unit Equipment For  Pipe & Profiles  Panchveer Engineering To Help You Compete Effectively.

Co-extruder For Inner And Outer Layer

Panchveer supplies co-extruder for the coating inner and outer layer application in pipe extrusion systems. Features AC motors for low energy consumption Barrel with air cooling system Product Range Screw diameter  30,40,47,55 mm L/D ratios are 22:1 and 26:1 and 30:1 Outputs from 3 to 90&nbs ... more

Jockey Extruder For Line

Features :- Suitable for making lining on HDPE pipe,PPR pipe,PVC pipe, Available with A.C motor and drive Easy operation Low maintenance Compact design Durable material Low power consumption Effective performance High quality standards ... more

High Speed Mixer Cooler

  High Speed Heater Cooler Mixer Panchveer Engineering make High Speed Heater with vertical Cooler mixer is an economical, robust solution for throughput volumes up to 1,000 kg/hour. A high-performance Three Tier angular mixing tool in the heater mixer generates friction to heat the product. At ... more

PVC Pipe Printing Machine

Pipe Printing Machine is a machine that is used to print text, logos, and other images on pipes. They are used in a variety of industries, including construction, plumbing, and manufacturing. Pipe printing machines can be either manual or automatic. Manual machines require the operator to manu ... more