Pipe Extruder

Panchveer Engineering Offers Parallel Twin Screw And Single Screw Extruders And Downstreams For Manufacturing Plastic Pipes, Diameter From 16 To 800 Mm.


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Twin Screw Parallel Extruder

Features Minimizes energy inputs Achieves uniform pumping Minimizes wear & tear Economic replacement option PID digital temperature controllers High accuracy Hard face coating on selected models PLC controls as standard on select models Extruder Models PE-52/18-120 PE-52/22-150 PE-52/25-170 ... more

PVC Pipe Die Head

Die Head For macking PVC Pipe (RPVC die , UPVC die , CPVC die ) 3 LAYER PVC PIPE DIE HEAD AVAILABLE  Features : Accommodate a large range of pipe die in single die head ensuring less change over time & saving cost. Geometric design of the dia offer distinct advantage during process. Optimu ... more

Twin Screw Conical For C PVC, PVC Pipe & PVC Profile

Conical Twin Screw Extruder types are an excellent choice for  C PVC ,U PVC ,R PVC & PVC Profile  Aplication   Features: PLC control system and HMI touch screen control panel, or Digital display control instrument Vertical type integrated gearbox, with high torque, accuracy and du ... more

CPVC Die Head

 C PVC PIPE DIE HEAD  Models RKL-1/200 RKL-2/400 RKL-3/600 Pipe Size Range (MM) 1/2" to 2" 2" to  4" 2" to 6" Throughput (KG/HR) 200 400 600   Other Engineering: PVC Pipe Machine | HDPE Pipe Coiler Unit | HDPE Pipe Die Head | High Spee ... more

HDPE/PPR Pipe Single Screw Extruder

Features : Barrier Screw high homogeneous plasticizing. Grooved feed bush technology for higher output Screw geomentry for HDPE & PP Pipe extruder. Superior Physical Properties of end products Models 45B 45B6 60B6 75B4 90B4 Extruder Drive(KW-AC) 45 75 132 160 200 L/D Ratio 30:1 30:1 30: ... more

HDPE Pipe Die Head

Head For HDPE Pipe & PPR Pipe (Single Layer, Two Layer and Three Layer up to 315 Dia) Features : Low pressure build up & Low melt temp. even with high throughput. Good homogenization, Excellent wall thickness Constant processing charasteristic over the full range of material Consistent pro ... more

Tools & Sizer For Die Head

Other Engineering: PVC Pipe Machine | HDPE Pipe Coiler Unit | HDPE Pipe Die Head | High Speed Mixer Cooler | Pipe Cutter Machine | Profile Cutting Unit | PVC Pipe Printing Machine | Plastic Pipe Making Machine ... more

Vacuum Tank & Calibration Tank

We provide vacuum tanks for the calibration and cooling process of plastic pipes covering diameters from 10 to 1000mm. All of our tanks are built in stainless steel which guarantees total absence of corrosion. Motorized longitudinal movement lets precise and fast positioning during the process. Feat ... more

Cooling Tank

Panchveer Engineering offers cooling tanks for the cooling process of plastic pipes, diameter from 16 to 800 mm. We provide efficient, reliable and durable solutions to our customer’s needs. Features Stainless steel tank Low maintenance cost Product Range Diameters from 16 to 800 mm Vacuum ... more

Caterpillar Haul-off Units

Features Pneumatic Clamping - ease in set up and efficient traction. Ease of Maintenance due to mechanical power distribution eliminated Models PH 110 PH 250 PH 250-4 PH 400-4 PH 250-6 PH 450-6 PH 630-6 Pipe Diameter 20-110 63-250 50-250 90-400 63-250 110-450 250-630 No. of Caterpillers 2 2 ... more

Pipe Cutting Units

Upstrocke Cutting Saw - HDPE / PVC  Flush Mounted type. Suitable for smallar pipe ODs. Cutting at higher speeds-Economical Chip Extraction arrange available. Models Upstrocke Cutter PCR 63 PCR 110 PCR 200 PCR 250 PCR 315 Pipe Diameter Range (MM) 16-63 20-110 40 - 200 75-250 75-315 Max. S ... more

Tilting Table

Features Table material is stainless steel Tilting system is pneumatic Product Range Length is 6 mt on standard Length can be modified upon request Depending on profile geometry, we can also offer roller-type tables   Other Engineering: PVC Pipe Machine | HDPE Pipe Coiler Uni ... more