Profile Extrusion

Focusing On Higher Performance, Longer Durability And Energy Efficient Systems As A Result Of Market’s Circumstances And Production Conditions, Panchveer Engineering Targets To Provide The Optimal Solutions For The Customer’s Needs.

Parallel Twin Screw PVC Profile Extruders

Features Minimizes energy inputs Achieves uniform pumping Minimizes wear & tear Economic replacement option PID digital temperature controllers High accuracy Hard face coating on selected models PLC controls as standard on select models Extruder Models PET 52/18-120 PET 52/22-150 PET 52/25- ... more

Conical Twin Screw For PVC Profile Extruder

The C-series extruder is designed for the PVC profile application. We target to provide the optimal solutions for the customer’s special needs with the advantage of flexibility in material choices, high performance and long durability. Features High flexibility in raw material combinations Ge ... more

Profile Calibration Table

We offer a wide range of calibration tables, providing an optimal and tailor-made solution for every need and application. Features Motor-driven height and side movement Motor-driven longitudinal movement Manuel tilting movement All parts that are in contact with water is made of stainless steel Lo ... more

Cooling Calibration Table

Focusing on the energy saving system, Panchveer provides PESS (Panchveer Energy Saving System) to benefit vacuum energy savings up to 80%. Features Vacuum energy savings up to 80% Vacuum pumps are driven by individual frequency inverters in order to use them according to the real need Low noise lev ... more

Caterpillar Haul-off

On our caterpillar haul-off units, we provide the optimal solutions for the customer’s needs with the advantage of flexibility in pad dimensions and track lengths. Our haul-offs are equipped with two independent tracks with gearboxes with continuous speed adjustment by inverter. Features Flex ... more

Profile Cutting Unit

Panchveer Engineering offers two types of cutting units for profile applications: Saw (TK-series) and guillotine (GK PRO) cutting systems. Depending on the customer’s preference, we can install these units in our integrated haul-off and cutting combination or supply separately. As option, for ... more