Single Screw & Barrel & Feed Bush Assembly


Process & Specifications:_

- Single Screw & Barrel made from EN-41B steel (MUSCO - Mahindra Eugene make)

- Material conditioned by thermal process.

- Screw Profiling and flight Cutting made on fully  Imported CNC thread milling machine.

- Honing surface in side the  Barrel quality to achieve superior internal bore finish.

- Screw polished by special purpose polishing machine.

- Devloped material stressess under process removed through stabilizaing after stabilized the material.

- Screw & Barrel are nitride hardened, with hardness maintained at up to 70 HRC.

- Nitride layer thickness maintained up to 0.4 to 0.5mm.

- Grooved feed bush in side  fitted  HSS sleeve.

- Screw Should be straight within 0.1 mm tolerance  

- Screw outer diameter Grinding, polishing ,buffing done.

- Permissible tolerances maintained for screw and barrel as per design.